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World Environmental Education Day

| Weec Secretariat

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Make the difference. The World Environmental Education Day is celebrated on 14 October. From 14 to 26 October each year, schools, parks, environmental education centers, public institutions, associations, museums… aim to organise special events to highlight the importance of developing educational action to build transversal skills. To focus on the complexity of the challenges in a world where everything is ever more interconnected. To affect perception of the human relationship with the environment, to affect attitudes and therefore individual and collective behaviors. To make people awaring protagonists of a change towards more environmental friendly, more livable and more equitable societies. On October 14, 1977, the United Nations Intergovernmental Conference on Environmental Education, organized by UNESCO and UNEP, opened in Tbilisi (Georgia’s capital), which ended on October 26 with a statement of great relevance, still today. 

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